Luxury Misting cool system

The Skycooler operates, using simple tap water and ½ the electricity of a small hair dryer. You control the water mist flow, according to your need, you control the environment for your customers and for yourself. 

Never drips, no one ever gets wet.

The Skycooler patented evaporative mechanism (CFBM) evaporates more water, more quickly and at a lower cost, than any other technology or
device currently developed. Here is how it can
save you or your company money, reduce employee downtime, make clients, athletes and livestock more productive, healthy and comfortable.

Most customers report significant savings in cooling costs.  Restaurants report unexpected
increases in revenue per seat, when using the
Skycooler out doors on a hot and dry day or evening as you are creating room for
new customers where before there was no chance of someone seating in a hot environment.


Wall Unit

Directly connected to water supply, so ideal for stables, indoors, terraces, sport facilities, greenhouses etc.

Mobile Unit

Perfectly designed for stables, arena’s, terraces, gyms, schools, supermarkets, offices etc.


Specially designed for small areas such as your home, garden, office etc.

Cool your







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